Grand Theft Auto Online

Amongst those games I play is the popular Grand Theft Auto Online (or GTA5 if you prefer).

Grand Theft Auto has always been a favorite franchise of mine from way back in ’97 when I played the original, top down, Grand Theft Auto. In fact, I played this so much that I was a popular name in the modding community with various new missions, graphics etc. being created for the game.

This love opened up some doors, including the possibility of joining the company which would become known as Rockstar Games. However, due to personal issues amongst other things, that door stayed closed – a choice I think about often and wonder about but not one to regret or dwell on.

Fast forward almost 20 years (wow!) and I currently frequent the popular GTA Online on Xbox One.

Here are a few videos of the gameplay.

Practically playing daily, and with the previous experience of GTA games, it didn’t take long to rise to a high level, earn money and respect enough to have whatever was desired… except for respect from trolls and kids… but never mind them.

Speaking of trolls, let’s try a multiview video of dealing with such trolls and “noobs”… Not quite in sync but fast forward the longer one to 48 seconds and then start the other.

For those interested, my GTA Online progress and stats are open to view on Social Club

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