Artificial Intelligence Snippets

This sub-section holds snippets of code and complete projects for Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Operation of robots.

The majority of projects and snippets are written in EZ-Script or are EZ-Builder project files and as such are only compatible with the EZ-B Robot Controller from EZ-Robot.

All code and project examples are free to use and adapt to suit your project however copyright and any associated rights including but not limited to Intellectual Property Rights remain with the author. Credit given to the author is greatly encouraged. No code, snippets, projects or any other intellectual property may be used for commercial gain without a prior written contractual agreement between the author and the user. All property is covered by worldwide copyright law and associated rights and breach of the above conditions will result in legal action being taken to the maximum level permitted.

No warranty, implied or otherwise is given by any code or project. No responsibility for any damage of any kind is accepted  by the author. Use at your own risk.

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