My Robots

One of my hobbies is making robots.

I will be adding sub pages for each robot project which I have built.

I’ve always had an interest in robots since first seeing the advert for the Omnibot on TV as a child. I would beg my mum to get me one for Christmas and try to explain how much it could do.

But I never did get one for Christmas.

I did, however get other robots. Here I am in the early to mid ’80s with the first robot I recall having.


But in the summer of 2012 I decided to look up the Omnibot on ebay and ended up buying one. Then buying a Hearoid (which was a voice controlled Omnibot 5403 with a different head and slightly different colours). And then buying another Omnibot 5403 complete in it’s original box with tray, remote, instructions – everything except for the charger.

After looking around the internet for videos of the Omnibot I come across an Omnibot which had been upgraded and had a whole bunch of cool features, was controllable via PC using bluetooth and could be programmed to run autonomously. All of this from a $99 controller and some imagination made possible by EZ-Robot.

This spurred on a (currently) 2 year passion for robots and an ever increasing collection of old and new robots from toys to custom made.

Using the EZ-Robot products has made this very easy and I cannot see my love for building robots and helping others build robots fade away any time soon.

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