Scooby Doo

The first tattoo I ever got, Scooby Doo on my upper right arm.

The tattoo was done on 23rd December 1999 by Mark at Mantra and took around an hour and a half to complete.


The image was taken from a birthday card and is currently the only tattoo I have which has not been drawn specifically for me or redrawn from a similar design.


The reason for the tattoo, quite simple really, I wanted a tattoo. I wanted something that meant something and Scooby Doo was and always has been my favourite cartoon. It’s also the start of future plans for a sleeve for my right arm which will incorporate everything that has inspired me or been a large part of my life. Scooby Doo was a large part of my childhood and deserves a place in the sleeve.

It’s coming up to being 15 years since the tattoo was done. The aftercare back then was not what it is today and as a result the tattoo did turn in to a very large and colourful scab for a few weeks after being done, needless to say it was picked at a little bit, scratched when itchy and as a result the healed result is not what it could have been or would be if I used the same aftercare I use today. Nevertheless, for a 15 year old tattoo it’s still holding up well.


As for “did it hurt?” The honest answer is yes. There will always be some pain with any tattoo and anyone who claims otherwise is lying. The level of pain, the severity and the discomfort varies from person to person, placement to placement and even down to how well you slept the night before or even what you ate the night before. In the case of this tattoo the discomfort level would be around about a 4 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Scooby is planned to be recoloured sometime in the near future (when the Left Arm Sleeve is complete)

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