Michael Jackson

The sixth tattoo I got was the Michael Jackson silhouette on my right inner forearm.

The tattoo was done on 13th June 2014 by Elliott at Mantra and took around an hour and a half to complete. The booking of this one was totally spur of the moment as I had time off work at the same time Elliott had some time he wanted to fill.


The image was drawn by myself based on a few images found online and adapted to the preferred era of Michael. It was then scanned in and touched up in photoshop to clean up areas where my pen wasn’t quite good enough.



Michael Jackson was a huge part of my life growing up, an inspiration, the reason I can moonwalk an amazing performer and an amazing person. Therefore he deserves his place in my right arm patchwork sleeve made up of inspirations and motivations.

Completely unknown until after but the tattoo had totally healed on the 5 year anniversary of his death. However, you will notice a lack of dates of his birth and death as I somewhat (maybe delusionally) believe in the Mr Magoo theory (google it).


As for “did it hurt?” The honest answer is yes. There will always be some pain with any tattoo and anyone who claims otherwise is lying. The level of pain, the severity and the discomfort varies from person to person, placement to placement and even down to how well you slept the night before or even what you ate the night before. In the case of this tattoo the discomfort level would be around about a 6.


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