The Bumble Bee

The 18th tattoo I had done was the bumble bee just above my left elbow.

The tattoo was done on 5th January 2014 by Elliott at Mantra after the Mantis as we still had plenty of time and took around 45 minutes to complete including drawing it.

The Bee is a hard working, highly organized insect. With such an upstanding reputation. The Bee symbolises;

  • Love and Affection
  • Creation
  • Wisdom and Knowledge
  • Discipline
  • Family
  • Teamwork and Cooperation
  • Eloquence
  • Prosperity
  • Nobility


As for “did it hurt?” The honest answer is yes. There will always be some pain with any tattoo and anyone who claims otherwise is lying. The level of pain, the severity and the discomfort varies from person to person, placement to placement and even down to how well you slept the night before or even what you ate the night before. In the case of this tattoo the discomfort level would be around about a 4.

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