Blue Rose

The 12th tattoo I had done was the Blue Rose on my left arm.

The tattoo was done on 15th October 2014 by Elliott at Mantra and took around one and a half hours to complete.



The image was freehanded by Elliott however the original plan was to use a pre-drawn rose but the drawing went missing sometime before getting in to the studio.

Before making it in to the studio I also developed a heat bump on my arm which is right in the way of the rose hence the small red mark in the above photo. It’s healed now and is a white gap however it will remain for the time being as imperfections are just as important as the tattoo in my opinion.


Blue roses have been used to signify the unattainable, fantasy or the impossible. Also symbolise a secret, which is ironic since my tattoos are hidden a lot of the time.


As for “did it hurt?” The honest answer is yes. There will always be some pain with any tattoo and anyone who claims otherwise is lying. The level of pain, the severity and the discomfort varies from person to person, placement to placement and even down to how well you slept the night before or even what you ate the night before. In the case of this tattoo the discomfort level would be around about a 2 however it did bleed a lot.

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