Left Arm Sleeve

My left arm sleeve is made up of images which depict who or what I am. These include a snake, a skull and various flowers. Please see the sub pages under the Left Arm Sleeve for details on each part.

left sleeve complete

The sleeve starts at the wrist, which some say is the wrong direction to draw a sleeve but it evolved over time since 21st January 2014 and the lower forearm was first to get done so it made sense to work up not down.

The inner wrist has the Ankh and the forearm has the snake coiled around it. Moving up the arm we have the camellia and amaryllis around the elbow, apple blossoms on the inner bicep and a blue rose on the outer bicep then at the top is a skull with another snake coiled around. On the inside of the arm is a string of red roses from the elbow up to the arm pit. Just above the elbow is a bumble bee. ¬†At the top of the arm between the roses and the skull is an orchid mantis. It’s then finished off with a pink lilly to help fuse the Ankh to the rest of the sleeve and fill in the gap.

This is now complete after just over 21 hours of being sat in the chair.

Every element in the sleeve was well thought out and has meaning and reason behind it. The overall design ended up being just as it would fit and not planned to exact specifics however it has all come together very nicely as if it was planned from the start.

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