The third tattoo I got was dragon/heart/sword on my chest.

The tattoo was done on 4th January 2014 by Elliott at Mantra and took around three and a half hours to complete and touched up due to some colour not taking in June 2014.


The image was custom drawn by Elliott based on a drawing I had been playing around with for two or three years.


The reason/meaning for this one, it’s best to break it down in to a couple of parts. First is the heart with the sword through it, this represents the problems I have had as far as matters of the heart (love) go. As a result I find it extremely difficult to let people that close to me now, hence the dragon protecting it.

This one also has a few other meanings/reasons behind it too. The heart and sword is loosely based on the Bon Jovi logo however their dagger has been replaced with a sword and the wings have been removed but the foundation is that logo. And the dragon, this one is much deeper.

The dragon tattoo symbols protection, power, and wisdom. It also has fearsome and warlike qualities. The Chinese Dragon represents wisdom, good luck, and good will. This is the way most ancient Chinese portray the dragon. The Japanese Dragon represents balance in life. It is seen to balance the yin and yang in one’s life. The Celtic Dragon represents power and strength. The colour of the dragon was significant too, green symbolises halfway between hot & cold, life & death, super human powers.


As for “did it hurt?” The honest answer is yes. There will always be some pain with any tattoo and anyone who claims otherwise is lying. The level of pain, the severity and the discomfort varies from person to person, placement to placement and even down to how well you slept the night before or even what you ate the night before. In the case of this tattoo the discomfort level would be around about an 8 or 9. It’s by far the most painful area I’ve had tattooed yet. However, the retouching was only around a 6 or 7 which just shows that it will always vary and even things such as the meal the night before can make a difference.



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