My Tattoos

People often say “You’ll regret getting tattoos” or “I don’t know why you want to have that on your body” amongst a few other things. By the way, these people are all people who don’t have tattoos and quite obviously don’t “get it”.

There are many reasons to have tattoos, many reasons not to but we are all responsible for our own bodies, they are ours to do with as we see fit while we have them.

Those who are not judgemental or narrow minded sometimes ask why I have what I have or what it all means so I decided to add a section to my site which covers this.

Each tattoo has it’s own sub page with images of the tattoos, the meaning, reason or story behind the tattoo and as much details as I can give on it.

Currently, at the time of writing this, I have around 25 tattoos however some are made up of smaller ones grouped together (such as the Apple Blossoms) which I have counted as one and others make up a larger tattoo (such as my sleeve which I have counted as each part individually). I am not finished yet so expect the count to increase.

Every one of my tattoos has been carried out by Mantra Tattoo in Cheltenham. My first by Mark way back in 1999, my second by Shaun who no longer works there and the rest by Elliott.

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