Audi S5


The Highlights;

  • Fuel Economy (City/Highway): 14/21 mpg
  • Transmission: 6 Speed Manual
  • Fuel Type: Unleaded 98 RON
  • Engine Type: 4.2L V8 FSi
  • Power/Torque@RPM: 354ps@7000/325Lb-Ft@3500

The Vital Statistics (on paper);

  • Top Speed: 155mph (limited)
  • 0-60mph: 4.7s
  • 1/4 Mile: 13.2s

That said, the “on paper” stats aren’t accurate. While I have  only hit 135mph before backing off there are many reports that the limiter isn’t there and 155mph is easily exceeded. 0-60mph time is high too, measured using Torque Pro my fastest to date on flat straight road is 4.1s. I’m yet to send her down the 1/4 mile strip however do hope to at some point.

While leaving her completely stock (to retain resale value and keep insurance costs down) it is the best car I’ve owned. There are many reviews out there which highlight some bad points such as carbon build up (Italian tune it once every few  months and it’s golden!), stiff and hard suspension (it’s a sports car!), low fuel economy (you don’t buy a 4.2L V8 for fuel economy!) and high road tax (less than £10 a week, it’s still worth it!) but she is the most comfortable ride I’ve ever had, the most responsive ride I’ve ever had and still gets the looks.

I searched for a while before I found her. There were a lot out there but none met my strict criteria. But then, neither did she… but only on colour, which I wound up preferring after viewing her.

Sure it’s a lot of money for a second hand car (I could have got 4 brand new Toyota Aygos for less), running costs are high at £250 per tyre, £500+ per year for service, £80 for 250 miles of fuel, £480 per year road tax but when you drive one and take a sharp corner at 80mph without even as much as a squeak from the Quattro driven drive train you know it’s worth it.

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