JARVIS, as some know, is the name of the artificial intelligence in Tony Stark’s house in the awesome Ironman films. It’s the thing of dreams, a voice activated, gesture controllable, personal assistant, home automation and media centre.

Believing that everything is possible I set out to not only build a personal assistant come home automation come media server as good as what JARVIS is but to make a better one!

Creativity at the start was not high up on the agenda and therefore the project name of JARVIS was used, it has stuck ever since and as this is hard coded in places a name change would be quite a lot of work. It’s not out of the question but it’s not on the cards any time soon (unless Marvel decide to slap a C&D on me or chase me for copyright infringement).

To explain JARVIS in extreme detail will take some time and therefore, as and when time permits, further details of the project will be added as sub-pages to this with the idea of segregating each individual sub system which makes up the whole JARVIS package.

This will not be, nor is it ever planned to be a “how to” guide on building your own version of JARVIS so please do not request such a thing (the explanation will take long enough to write let alone step by step instructions!). JARVIS is also not for sale and is certainly not something which I would consider having any partners on. Donations on the other hand are greatly accepted however be aware this does not get you anything in return (unless you are a product manufacturer and then I will provide a little free publicity for you).

There is no ETA on this explanation being completed, there is no ETA on JARVIS being completed. As the great and inspirational Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Art is never finished, only abandoned”.

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