During the time that I am creating my drawings, paintings etc. and while tattoos are healing I often take “in progress” shots. These are put on my Instagram feed – please follow me.

Below are my last 9 uploads to Instagram

 No need to pay Audi hundreds for drive select, just turn it on :) Now flags up an error for the "charisma" buttons being missing but that's fine, it only pops up during a full system scan and I plan on fitting these anyway. Much better on dynamic   Apparently I have been quiet and reserved but have "a bit of a zany streak" since I was 8... but seriously, what's with the hypocrisy about hand writing, I'm struggling to read half of my old reports!..
 It's time these went back on... it's only been like 5 years!.. Hopefully Audi don't ruin these ones when I forget to change them for the MOT. Just need some more white screws.  Download 2019 rocked. #dl2019 #whitesnake #hereigoagain #defleppard #woman #photograph I don't do many videos while watching so this is the lot. Watch the highlights whenever they sre on tv. And watch nxt uk, you may see me in the crowd there too... Now time to sleep for 3 days to recover!..  Look, it's rock and roll...
 I have to be here somewhere...  Proper rock and roll today  #pewpew #g36 #hidinginthebushes #guns #airsoft #bb #aeg #toomanyscopes #milsim #military #9milboars

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