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Hello world!

December 3rd 2014 marks a future date in history for today is the day I decided to start a motherfucking blog, bitch!

The blog, while the title may suggest will delve deep into the mind of this wild eyed, crazy mad [computer] scientist with twisted thoughts, impossimpible goals and strange ideas it is a little misleading. The blog will be more along the lines of covering the many different technologies I play around with from Robotics, Home Automation, CCTV, Computers, Programming etc. etc. etc. On no level will there be any “Dear Diary,” type bullshit here.

And, on a final note, you’ll probably notice I tend to use some colourful language, deal with it. If you can’t deal with it, learn how to enable filters to block out the bad words for you.

Check back regularly, updates will come when I can be bothered to post something.