Blurb about this place usually goes here but I haven’t written it yet. Just use the menus to navigate, there is some stuff posted, some to come, go nuts, see what you can find.

2 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Excellent, well laid out blog Rich! Good to see you have a life besides Ez-Robot! Each of those cars must have an interesting story to tell. Awesome collection of guitars that would make my son green with envy (thank god he only has one!) I admire but cringe at the tatts, mainly at the thought of all the pain gone through to get them! Who would have thought you were into music and art?!! Robots and programming skills that we all know so well. But where are the “crimes”?

    Thanks for allowing Ez-Robot members an insight into your diverse and varied hobbies. I’m sure everyone will see you in a different light if the have a browse through you blog!

  2. The “life & crimes” is more of a tip of the hat to Alice Cooper to be honest, however there may be some criminal activity mentioned (briefly, to avoid enabling anyone else to do the same) eventually once all sections and pages are completed and filled out.

    To be honest, the pain of a tattoo is nothing really. Some hurt in some areas (as I’ve detailed) but overall the pain is never something I think of when choosing what to put where, if it was then I wouldn’t be ready to get the tattoo.

    More will be added here when I get chance but yes, EZ-Robot, robotics, programming etc. is only a very small part of me despite spending a lot of time on EZ-Robot. There are more “hobbies and pastimes” which I haven’t added sections for yet too.

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